Using Promotional Products Is Smart Marketing

Using Promotional Products Is Smart Marketing

If you own a small business, you know first hand that getting new customers on a continuous basis, can feel like a constant heavyweight boxing match. With all of the distractions technology has brought to us humans, it’s important to find ways to connect and remain connected to customers and prospects alike. One tool that is not used enough in our opinion is Promotional Products.

Branded Products Are Effective

Branded Products are winners when it comes to impressions. They have the unique ability of imprinting a logo or message into the mind of the product user in ways that other mediums just can not. Remember those mugs your mom always used to drink her coffee? The ones with the bank or auto dealership logo on it? That little thing has produced more impressions in your home than any TV commercial could have produced. And believe me, your mom likely never forgot the brand. In fact, studies show that 57% Recalled A Business On A Promotional Mug, versus 32% On Radio and 28% On TV. You will find that across the board,  promotional products will prove their worth if incorporated into a marketing campaign.

Promotional Products Keeps The People Loyal

Promo Products Loyalty


“..reinforce the brand with existing customers and nurture their loyalty.”

Businesses large or small understand that repeat business is what keeps a business thriving. When a customer decides to continue doing business with you, it is a great sign of a job well done, and that their needs have been met. However, it should be a priority to have a strategy in place to reinforce the brand with existing customers and nurture their loyalty. Your competition is vying for their attention, so much care should be given to making sure your customer does not stray. With branded products, are a powerful addition to your marketing efforts to elicit the loyalty businesses are looking to generate. A study performed by carried out by the BPMA 60.1% of consumers stated that promotional products invoke loyalty: compared to 16.9% for TV and 8.7% for Print. Some of the benefits of including custom printed items to your plan include:

  • Brand & Message Repetition: Continuous use of Corporate Giveaway


  • Good Will: Customer Appreciation For A Useful Gift


  • Loyalty: Besides Their Satisfaction Good Service, They Feel Appreciated

If you want a customer to not only remember your business, but to feel good about your brand, you must do more than just provide the service they paid for. They have an expectation that you will provide value for their money. Even when you do so, it’s what you do that goes beyond what was agreed that is remembered most. Promo Products remind them that they will always get more with your company.

Create A Campaign That Includes Branded Products 

Whether you own a small business with 5 employees, or a bigger operation with 100 employees, it truly makes no difference. Acquiring and maintaining your customers should be at the top of your list. Your cost to sell to an actual customer is considerably lower than acquiring a new one, so as much care and investment should be made to a Retention Program as a Customer Acquisition Marketing Plan. Promotional products should be part of that program, to compound your, branding and sales objectives.

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